1000 Beads by Kristina Logan1000 Beads
You can see Shannon’s “My Pretty Pods” beads in the new book 1000 Beads by Kristina Logan. This gorgeous volume in the popular Showcase series presents 1,000 unique beads, and we are thrilled that Shannon’s work is a part of it. The book can be purchased here.



Bead It Today, October 2013Bead It Today, October 2013
Funky Fiber Earrings by Sally Stevens. Fun and funky yarn or ribbon makes some pretty fab earrings. Short or long, they will definitely make a statement.


Art Jewelry September 2013Art Jewelry Magazine, September 2013 (cover issue)
Form & Forge, a Spiral & Scroll Neckpiece by Sally Stevens. Brush up on essential metalsmithing skills to make a dramatic statement neckpiece with heavy-gauge wire.


Bead Design Studio, August 2013Bead Design Studio, August 2013
Enameled Flower Collar by Sally Stevens



Bead It Today, August 2013Bead It Today, August 2013
Vortex Earrings by Sally Stevens. So simple, so wearable! Twist, curl, and hammer plain copper wire into a perfectly casual and carefree design.


Bead Design Studio, June 2013
Enameled Dangle Bracelet by Sally Stevens


Step by Step Wire April May 2013Step by Step Wire Jewelry, April/May 2013 (cover issue)
We were so happy to be featured on the cover of this issue! Color Coils by Sally Stevens starts on page 32.




Best of Wire Jewelry 2012

Bead Design Studio Oct 2012

Flow Magazine Fall 2012

Contemporary Metal Clay Rings 2012

Art and Design of Metal Clay 2013 Calendar by Holy Gage

Metalclay Magazine, Summer 2012
Gallery, Silver Metal Clay Caning by Shannon Steele.

Bead Design Studio, April 2012
Artist Spotlight, Sally Stevens and Shannon Lakin Steele: The Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Sunroom Studios.

Bead Design Studio, June 2012
Gallery and Woodland Necklace by Sally Stevens.

Metalclay Magazine, January 2012
Gallery, Silver Fairy by Shannon Steele.


Bead Unique, Winter 2011
40+ Cozy bead projects. Learn how to do make a Sculptural Flower Necklace, by Sally Stevens, page 44.

Bead Unique, Spring 2011
50+ Spring bead projects. Sally contributes Figure-Eight Fusion on page 46.

101 Bracelets Necklaces and Earrings
Presented by Beadwork. Fluted Flower Earrings by Sally Stevens, page 126.

Bead Unique, August 2011
Bird’s Nest Ring, Designed by Sally Stevens, page 40.

Bead Unique, June 2011
7th Anniversary Issue! El Sol by Sally Stevens, page 48. Shannon is also in the Gallery, page 75.

The Glass Bead, Spring 2011
A quarterly publication of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. Shannon is featured for Evil Eye necklace as part of the Critiques & Collections section, page 18.

Easy Wire 2011
Presented by Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Get a double dose of Sally, with the Sterling Wire Wrapped Necklace tutorial on page 30 and the Spiral Drop earring project on page 90.


Bead Unique, Fall 2010
50+ Projects, including Curlicue Cuff by Sally Stevens on page 60.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry, August-September 2010
Sally’s ever popular Changeable Dangle Earrings project is on page 32.

Falling Discs on the cover of Step by Step Wire JewelryStep by Step Wire Jewelry, June-July 2010 (cover issue)
Our cover issue! We were so happy to see our Falling Discs necklace gracing the cover – big & bold indeed! The project is detailed beginning on page 40.

Bead Unique Summer, 2010
6th Anniversary Issue! Wired for Sound by Sally Stevens featured.

Beads 2010
Annual special issue, with Fluted Flower Earrings by Sally Stevens on page 62.


Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Fall 2009
Sally is in the 5-Minute Jewelry feature, teaching you how to make Pattern Wire Earrings on page 64.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Summer 2009
14 Fun Summertime Designs. The Bird’s Nest Pendant project by Sally Stevens is on page 28.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Summer Preview 2009
13 original Wire Designs, featuring Sally in 5-Minute Jewelry with Bezel Wire Earrings on page 66.


Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Summer Preview 2008
14 Dazzling Wire Designs. A Fish Story, a wired pendant inspired by the sea begins on page 38.